Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Fingers Crossed 

Frank Koolen

Material: Steel, epoxy, foam, lacquer

About his sculpture
The sculpture 'Fingers Crossed' is a multi-layered ambiguous sculpture that refers to the long-lasting Corona pandemic. It shows two figures who are part of a larger whole and who seem to seek comfort with each other. A closeness that is not without danger, comfort that can be contagious. At the same time, they are crossing their fingers. This symbol of crossed fingers is a sign of hope for a good outcome, but is a playful way for children in particular to break the rules. If you have crossed your fingers during a game, you are allowed to lie or secretly not participate. A reference to the very human nature that the rules apply to everyone, only very occasionally, when it suits you, not to yourself. This 'Fingers Crossed' image mainly crosses the fingers for a happy ending, but at the same time points to the paradoxical nature of human behaviour.
About Frank's work
The artist makes installations, videos, performances, drawings and sculptures. He is guided by sudden hunches and associations with the environment. His work sometimes contrasts with the environment, comes across as absurd and allows the viewer to see the environment differently. 

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