Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Sculpture Park Haarlem

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This outdoor sculpture exhibition is a private initiative. We are dedicated to show works of contemporary artists. These artists are as diverse as their installations. Installations are frequently added and replaced. You are warmly invited for a walk in de Haarlemmerhout to discover de Beeldengalerij and the many works of classical and contemporary art that can be found in the area.

Please click on the pictures of the sculptures to discover more about the sculptures and the artists.

Lumbertube | Karin Dekker

Out Loud | André Pielage

The Successor | Atelier Van Lieshout

Ein neuer erfolgreicher tag | Guillaume Bijl

Stapeling | Sjoerd Buisman

Girozoom Inc. | Willem Harbers

In Awe | Pieter W Postma

De Utopist | Guda Koster

Will we survive? | Joanneke Meester

Fingers Crossed | Frank Koolen

GIANT CENTAUR GIRL | Marieke Bolhuis

Spreading the love | Frank Straatman

De Stille Performer | Linda Verkaaik

Hildebrandmonument | Jan Bronner

These sponsors contributed to the sculpturen gallery