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Tag Guillaume Bijl

Bronze, paint

About his sculpture
This sculpture resembles a triumphant white man rising above the crowd, caring little about what the rest of the world thinks about him. But it also appears to be someone who expresses joy at success achieved. Because of the painting, the work looks a lot like a doll, up close it turns out to be a very detailed image. Like so much of Guillaume Bijl's work, it is humorous and a play with reality.
About Guillaume's work
The artist is a self-taught artist. He studied theater, made theatersets and painted.
In his Transformation installations he often creates everyday situations, such as a travel agency or a dog grooming salon, that seem realistic. Fiction and reality intertwine. The unsuspecting spectator might think it's real.
In his situation installations, he places image-disrupting elements in an everyday environment. By adding something to the public space, he undermines its reality.

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