Beeldengalerij Haarlem


In Awe 

Pieter W Postma.

Material: Steel, wood, plastic, lacquer

About his sculpture
Pieter wants to show the interaction between man and the earth on which he lives. He shows a figure who consciously interacts with the earth. For Pieter, circular thinking means that he carefully considers which materials he uses and that the materials used are reusable as much as possible.

About Pieter's work
He sees himself as a storyteller who takes us to a parallel world with surrealistic appearances that evoke amazement. His work is both abstract and figurative and a combination of these. The figurative work consists of heads or whole figures. Sometimes they are grotesque heads. Sometimes stripped of face with only coarse external features. Sometimes completely abstracted into their own visual language. The figures tell a story.
For the abstract works he often uses textiles or a combination of textiles and another material.

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