Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Out Loud

André Pielage

Steel, laughing gas cartridges

About his sculpture

André discovered that there are so many laughing gas cartridges on the streets in his hometown. He met Eric who collects these cartridges on a daily basis and got the idea to use them for his sculpture for the gallery in Haarlem. The characteristic of much of his work is a combination of Baroque and Minimalism. You may notice the baroque elements it in the festoons made from the gas cartridges and the minimalist pillar. André shows that you can give apparent rubbish a new life.

About André's work
When André talks about his work, you often hear the words volatile , space and minimalism. He finds it important that poetry is reflected in his work. He makes sculptures and installations and performs. André plays with aspects of absence in his sculptures and installations. Just look at his work at Amersfoort, where he has placed the contours of a farm in the landscape. For each project, he looks at the location where it will be installed or performed, and sniffs the atmosphere. “I process all impressions and try to capture them in a performance. I am looking for the materials that match that.”

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