Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Tussen Ons (In between us) 

Anno Dijkstra

Galvanized steel, plastic

About his sculpture
The work evokes associations with the increasing number of cameras on the streets. Instead of cameras, hands are attached to the high pole, based on casts of the hands of children from the Dreefschool across the street. With the "watching hands" younger generations can keep an eye on how we leave the earth for them.
Anno herself says about this work:
“The image started with the desire to make a work in which children could keep an eye on adults. In the future, children want to live on a healthy earth and we adults seem to be failing to preserve that world responsibly.

Now that the image is finished, I see the following. The hands, which are small and fragile, are held by a large industrial construction. The hands don't seem to have much to say; they are at the mercy of a greater power.
The hands make a gesture that symbolizes looking. The clarity and decisiveness of the gesture gives me the feeling that maybe the hands are in charge of the larger structure after all. This contradiction fascinates me, and perhaps expresses the struggle we as humans wage with our own technological inventions: who is in charge.”

About Anno's work
A special work in which the hands are at the centre of attention is 'Fragile cold hand'. This performance was made in the context of the Kathmandu triennial 2016. A short video of the work can be seen on Anno's website.
'Afterimage" is an earlier project with which Anno has expressed how the world is changing due to the ever-increasing amount of images that are made and stored of us.

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