Beeldengalerij Haarlem



Sjoerd Buisman

Steel, paint

About his sculpture
The image is a stack of elements that together form a kind of tower. If one element moves in one direction, an other element quickly moves in the other direction to restore balance. A large block closes the whole brutally. It is a playful variation on his earlier Phyllotaxis works. Is it a reference to the climate discussions? Is it symbolic of the balance between man and his environment?

About Sjoerd's work
This Haarlem artist is inspired by nature and he uses a lot of natural materials, which can be seen in his works. Just look at his Lindenbogen along the Fonteinlaan. He has been working with nature all his life as an artist. His work is about nature, expressing respect for nature; sometimes he lets nature react to his work. After Buisman's interventions, nature initiates a growth or recovery process, as a result of which the work develops before the eyes of the viewer.

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