Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Spreading the love

material: epoxy, repaint

About his sculpture

The hands of the sculpture form a heart above the head. A gesture that is often used – also on social media – to say something sweet. That is immediately the link with the title “Spreading the love”. This expression also occurs in street language and, in addition to a loving meaning, often has an opposite or negative meaning. You can see that clearly in the image.
From the front it appears to be a human figure, seen from the side a standing lion seeking extra support with its tail. The muscular torso and muscles radiate self-confidence, but the head withdraws uncertainly. The impossible position of the folded legs points to contradictions of the figure. He acts tough, but also has doubts; he seems confident, but finds it difficult to make choices.

About Frank Straatman

He shows spatial human figures that have been created improvising with all kinds of materials. Frank looks for the discomfort in the postures and gestures with which we present ourselves to each other. Often it is a kind of dance position, which he depicts as you can experience it internally: you cannot really stand like that. Distortion, vulnerability and precarious balance form contrasts with the sometimes proud dance postures.
A leitmotif here is that we humans are not necessarily the crowning glory of creation - not even masters of our own creations - but that in itself does not have to be a disaster.
The 'human deficit' is a great source of inspiration for Frank.

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