Beeldengalerij Haarlem


De Utopist 

Guda Koster

Materials: Mannequin, PE foam and coating.

About her sculpture
Two yellow legs protrude from a nicely designed rectangular box with bright blue and green areas. Is it a human being transformed into a mechanical object or a mechanical object with recycled body parts? The work is reminiscent of the art of the Bauhaus or the Constructivists about 100 years ago. The merging of man and machine then seemed to be part of a wonderful future. The thinking machine or the machine man has almost become a reality, but many people are actually afraid of what is to come. Guda Koster's sculpture is not gloomy or fatalistic. Her human-machine is subtly funny and steps - a little hesitantly - into the future.
About Guda .'s work
Guda Koster makes work that moves between fashion, sculpture, photography and performance. Her sculptures and photos of people who are hidden in tight, colorful forms of textiles arouse curiosity. Sometimes there is nothing more to see than a leg or an arm. The work is humorous, but sometimes also oppressive.

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