Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Giant Centaur Girl 

Marieke Bolhuis

steel, pu-foam, polyurea, dd-lak

About her sculpture
In a nutshell, the park provides an insight and cross-section of the now and ever. For the park I mainly think of nature, culture, people and power. The wisdom of the old trees that keep in touch underground, artifacts between their roots, children on their branches, arranged along viewing axes: power watches from the provincial house. The place breathes history.
But! A link is missing in the bridge to the now and beyond.... The inverted equestrian statue: The Pony Girl!
The horse as a vulnerable flight animal, symbol of fleeing nature, connecting herd animal, comrade of man, horsepower. (The first designation of industrial strength), misused in wars and other honor and greedy purposes. Time for recovery! The Pony, with humor and stubbornness, tough and forward, in the breach for pure. And The girl?, Speaks for herself; She's on her way! For all of us.
About Marieke's work
She started as a painter, soon made installations and took up photography and then devoted herself entirely to sculpture. Humans play a major role in her sculptures. For the sculpture gallery, her sculpture establishes the relationship between humans, animals, nature and culture.
Marieke works intuitively. She does everything herself, she looks, reflects, edits and so the work grows under her hands.

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