Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Will we survive? 

Joanneke Meester

Material: packaging materials, coating.

About her sculpture
While people are developing enormously in science and technology, people have forgotten to make their own waste production more sustainable. She translates this paradox into a sculpture of stacked coated packaging materials that are formed into a family of four robots. By recycling the packaging material, she emphasizes the manufacturability of man and his world. This has been a common thread in Meester's work for years. What is the feasibility of the existence of these robots when, at the same time, the world is going down in its warming because of the humans who also develop these robots? Will we survive? Walk around it, undergo and experience it. In a cheerful way she draws attention to a serious question.
About Joanne's work
In several works she expressed her concern about social issues. This way of reflecting on reality is committed and she doses it with humor. The enticing effect of the installation on the viewer is what the artist is all about. Joanneke Meester is an artist who uses various materials and techniques to question her own thoughts on themes such as human consciousness and its environment and who converts these into reflections on interpersonal communication.

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