Beeldengalerij Haarlem



Karin Dekker

Material: Steel, paint

About her sculpture 

Lumbertube is grinding without being distracted in the midst of the city bustle. The sculpture is partly made of small pieces of steel that have been bent and shaped and welded together. Despite its size, the open structure makes it appear light and transparent. It stands in its place as a beacon for the passing pedestrians and the traffic in the area and shows walkers the way to the tranquility of the Hout. Or is it a machine that pumps something up from the bottom and processes it inside? Let your association run wild. What do you see? The artist was inspired when she came across a noisy wood chipper during a walk in the woods.

About Karin's work

Karin likes to work with steel. As a child she was fascinated by the power of the steel factory which she visited; the heat, the smell and noise intrigued. She still sees the beauty of steel companies and the craftsmanship of steel workers. Many of her sculptures are made from large numbers of small pieces of steel that she processes and welds. She combines steel with other materials such as glass. 

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