Beeldengalerij Haarlem


De stille performer (Silent Performer) 

Linda Verkaaik

Steel, paper, epoxy, lacquer, floating materials

About her sculpture
It is built on a sturdy steel frame; paper is stretched over it, reinforced with epoxy and lacquer. It is located in the pond exactly in the line of sight between the Hildebrand Monument and the provincial government building, but you only see it if you are close to it. The statue winks over the edge of the pond to the Hildebrand Monument 200 meters to the south.

Linda Verkaaik says about her sculpture:
My image, lies horizontally on the reflecting water. A circle of hands of his audience bob around it.
Hildebrand's stories are a performance, a reflection of 19th century society. On the other side of the park is the provincial house: there the story is about the future of ordinary people: a place where decisions are made by, about and for those ordinary people.
My statue is in the middle of this. It's the ghost of Hildebrand. The silent performer. The image gets its reflection in the water, its memory.
The image reflects today's story. reflects on today, where the hands clap for. It is the line of sight of history (the Hildebrand monument) that leads to the provincial house (the future) between which the ghost of Hildebrand haunts, and gives its reflection on the present.
About Linda's work
Linda Verkaaik works in two & three dimensions. In addition to free work and commissioned work, she also performs,
in collaboration with Wouter Bouwman, temporary landscape projects in multimedia.
Her work is in the possession of municipalities, companies and private individuals at home and abroad. She has her own expressive style. In an almost painterly way she weaves metal, glass and mosaic into spatial images that envelop or elevate the viewer. This creates unorthodox solutions for the interpretation of our living environment. Color and ornament are indispensable in her objects. From small bronze medals, to large autonomous statues and architectural furniture in public space. From land art to film and light projections. Looking for ways to connect materials, skills, people and the way nature manifests itself in the work.

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