Beeldengalerij Haarlem



Margot Berkman

The ensemble consists of 6 statues. Material: foam core, quartz sand, plaster dispersion

  • koraaldrift nacht
  • koraaldrift

Nachtfoto: Ronald Brakel

About her sculpture
In the installation Koraaldrift, Margot Berkman points out a different, slower world. Are we above or under water? Special shapes emerge in her research into the many types of brain coral. The corals are fighting for their existence underwater. They show, colored and less colored, whether their life force decreases or increases. Above water they have landed under the trees. Together, the  elements form a special intermediate landscape. They invite you to pause and think.
About the work of Margot
Seaweed and Algae are the lungs of the world. They provide oxygen to us, the world above water. Over 54%, but what do we actually know about this source of breath? Margot Berkman investigates the longing, the depth of the underwater world and makes daily discoveries during walks along the beach. She studies seaweeds in seaweed forests and makes photos and films as a source for her works. With these sources she realizes autonomous works of art and art projects in the public domain, as well as for museums and individuals.
Until 2010 she was inspired by stories from an area and by art history, for example by medieval art such as wall hangings and paper cutting, but also by modern art such as the work of David Hockney.

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