Beeldengalerij Haarlem


Girozoom Inc. 

Willem Harbers

Galvanized steel, cast iron, various paints

About his sculpture
It is a jumble of pipes and wheels that refer to industrial installations but also to the trees under which it stands. It looks like a technically manipulated tree. Does nature reclaim its resources and space here? The image refers to the use of the earth, consumption of raw materials and influencing the earth.
The image suggests that it could start moving and pumping at any moment. it wants to contribute to the creation of new thoughts and insights, with the aim of achieving a circular society in the future.

About Willem's work
Themes such as recycling and the functionality of things have long been part of his works. The artist is fascinated by questions about the use of raw materials and the usefulness of products made with them.
His sculptures often resemble machines, but they are still. The viewer can make them come to life in his imagination. But in reality that is not possible and that results in questions about its meaning. The meaning of the work of art arises during conversations with other spectators.

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